ladyfighternine (ladyfighternine) wrote,

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Time: 10:25
Day: Wednesday

Fortunately, I've been able to relax for these past few days. Unfortunately, however, Hilde was injured in my absence...
*clench fist* I failed to protect her this time, but that will now happen again!
Hilde, forgive me. I will protect you better next time.

But, for now, I will relax. After all, that is what these times are for, is it not?

Noin, Signing Off.
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I haven't seen a sign of the false version of me in a few days...I can only hope someone put her in a mental hospital where she belongs.
Please don't worry about me. I'm going fine now, my head hurts LOTS less, and I think I'll be completely fine in some days. :P

Hope the Pink *itch doesn't come in 'til I'm ready to knock her off her damn Pink Mop and beat her up! XD

Hit her for me! She almost made me die!!!
How are you feeling now, Hilde?